We are  blessed with marvellous gifts and talents but we need to believe in ourselves and explore them. Happy people visualize their talents and build themselves on it; whereas, ordinary people fail to explore their true potentials. Po is an Ordinary big fat panda, before  oogway chose him as a dragon warrior, this selection made po to explore the  hidden talents within him. We can learn the ways of how to explore our talents and capability:

PoOogwayDW Like Po all of us get opportunities in our life to learn and know ourselves Po thought himself to be just a big fat Panda and unworthy contestant even for proper Kung Fu training. He was completely absorbed by the criticism and was hurt for being largely ignored by the Furious Five who he adored for their expertise in Kung Fu. Overwhelmed by their false qualms. His biggest fear was that he might not be able to learn Kung Fu and rescue the Valley of Peace from evil Tai Lung. But “he tried”, he  was ordinary until he discovered his unique talents and skills, but after discovering his special talents, He became “THE DRAGON WARRIOR”

“No matter how impossible, out of the universe, unrealistic, and weird your dreams are; someday they are bound to come true if you keep faith in yourself and work on your abilities”