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Holi: The festival of Colours

Holi one of the most famous and important festivals of India. Yes I am saying India! Holi is not religion specific its the festival everybody celebrates in India. Well this year I have celebrated my Holi far away from Family, at workplace, But as I said it is  the festival of everybody, uniting India from East to West and North to South.


Behind every festival, there is a very Important message, teaching and scientific reason to celebrate . As ancient Indian people are having the Googol of Knowledge inside their Heads but at those times Language was not yet very powerful  medium to share information, So they thread them in everyday life ritual,  and Festivals are also a major part of those googols of knowledge. And see how intelligent they were we are still carrying those as legacies from our ancestors.


As time changes the form of celebrating festivals kept changing and modified, but the root to celebrate them was always there as it was threaded deeply in the finest way in the rituals. So what about Holi ?  What could be the reason of celebrating this kind of festival in which no special Pooja or karmkands are being offered to God. Why this is a festival dedicated to only  Humans ??

For finding the answer to this why, from my introspection is came to me that, those highly intelluctal people (Sages) from the ancient world wants to  convey the thoughts and core of HOLI to us. It comes up and sumps up in following 4 points :

  1.  Colors :  Life should be colorful, Lets decorate it.  And in deeper sense  decorate your inner world with the colors of universe, they symbolizes: Love, Happiness, Joy, & Purity.  Those colors of Holi every year reminds us this thought to re-fresh it in our intellect if in any case we have forgotten that.
  2.   Songs : In  Holi  its also one ritual to sing songs, Songs called as “FAAG”. These songs and their language changes with place to place but their messgae is same  and that is Love & Joy.   FAAG songs are filled with energy and joy. People sing them, and get lost in singing like meditation.
  3. People :  Although there is no festival in India that can be celebrated alone but somehow you can manage to celebrate all of others with yourself and your family. But Holi is the festival which forcefully reminds us of our friends and loveables. Its the festival to not only to be celebrated with family but with friends and neighbors too. This reminds us the value of friends in our life and it also encourage to greet holi even to your enemies too, at Holi day everyone is happy, evryone is in joy and everyone is friend.
  4. Fun : We apply colors to each other and play holi,  sometimes colorful water also is used to play holi. Wholesole it allows us to open our hearts and enjoy the little joys funfilled.

Happy Holi ! Happy Colours ! Happy Lives !



Daily Thoughts

Everyday Life : Discipline & Habits

When I was a kid and live with my parents, the life was very disciplined, waking up at dawn, habit of  studying in the morning,  daily rituals and healthy food. I don’t like this kind of life then, I wish to sleep till  day, eating the food of my taste, do the things in my way with no concern of a discipline being followed. Today I live on my own  but  I want to bring those  childhood habits of a healthy lifestyle  back again to my lifestyle, I want Mother and Father to be here  sometimes to force me to follow the rituals rigorously.

How independent it sounds but living without discipline in life is like living in a cage of your own. If you want to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life start  with  following some Discipline in your daily life.  Few points everyone can consider :

  1.  Wake up at same time everyday (Most preferably in dawn if its possible)
  2. Regularize your morning rituals with the tasks which yo love doing (like I  start my day with  a happy talk with the plants/flowers in my garden), it can be reading, writing, music, Yoga anything.
  3. Make a healthy menu for your breakfast and have a  20 minutes time to have your breakfast .  Eat healthy & Stay Happy
  4. Have a hobby thing to keep you fit, like cycling, walking, running, Yoga &  ofcourse gym.

As you living today defines your life so make your  Single Day Best to have the Best in life. Stay Happy, follow discipline and  form healthy habits.



Robin Hood Army

A Robinhood Story : Words Of Love

After some unexpected and unfruitful situations happened in my life. The heart of mine was full of grief, sorrow, pain, tears and, all negative thoughts for present and future. But at the same time I have to go through and beyond, I have to survive and finally have to overcome this dark period of time. That was the time when I keep crying and weeping all the day, at work I try to find escape from everybody, rest rooms, relaxing rooms had become my space. I was doing worst at work, not being able to focus on anything, this keeps happening till 5 or 6 months. I  cannot see anything beyond and at the edge of  not continuing this life.

We are enjoying each other’s company. Kids are rhyming poems and we have done a ringa-ringa roses dance too.

But as it is always stated that God help those who help themselves. So on a fine weekend I got an invitation to join a volunteer based Group in Jodhpur who called themselves “Robinhood Army”  serving towards elimination of Hunger and expanding their roots in the city for the first time. I joined them that was a 2 hour eve and as I could remember I was able to have a sign smile on my face after this activity, almost after half an year. These are few of the pictures of a typical Robinhood Day for me.


So why i was able to smile that day ? introspection of that thought leaves me to an answers :

  1.  I am happy to have so many “friends” all  of sudden in a solitary place.
  2. When I get to know that people are living with so much pain, and they and many of them worldwide are just praying to have a life like  I have already given.
  3. I have many things to cry but more than that I have reasons to smiles too I have realised the blessing given to me.
  4. Sharing food + sharing smiles with them was my smile recharge for whole week.
Session after food Distribution at a cluster

If I say because of this group of volunteers, I came to know another face of  humanity, and People of India. It is a Zero funded organisation, means everything they do doesn’t contain any involvement of Money. They do everything as a volunteer for the things that matters  far more than Money.

A Day with elderly People at Old Age Home.

It make me learn that Sharing smiles with others always pays you back 10X in return this is the best investment for present, past and future. There is  different kind of satisfaction and pleasure in sharing and doing something towards betterment of humanity. I wish for the days when  we all understand the simplest law of nature :


This is the  robinhood story of my life, which  makes me understand and reminding the lines by the Great Hindi Poet ” Kabir Das ”

“Reading books everyone died, no one became any wise One who reads the words of love, only became wise.”



sabbital from SM

A Sabbatical From Social Media : Phase II

Second phase is not so good. I got a viral infection  lying on the bed whole day without having anybody nearby, its the worst feeling. In that case social media helps. You post an whatsapp/ Instagram/ Facebook story or post and some of your friends who really care just say back to you asking for the wellness, chatting to friends, watching what they are doing liking, commenting on the posts  feels somewhat good than feeling bad alone.

For times like these SM is a great tool to fool your mind to happy and keeps you engaged with the so called virtually real world.

The conclusion of Phase II is SM is not that much bad to leave it completely. The experiment is still on lets see what’s next.

sabbital from SM

A Sabbatical From Social Media – Phase 1

We are too much involved in this virtual world like the threads of a fabric. I was getting addicted to it like checking whatsaap messages every seconds, faceboook posts every next second, and ignoring the actual world around me. This virtual world has taken over me .

So a week ago I thought to take a sabbatical from this Virtual, engaging, time wasting world.  Its not easy to leave these platforms easily, because you are so into them. First 15 days are hard I have tried my self keeping away but it is like pulling me into them, few unread messages, few unreacted posts, and less stalking of what my social media so called friends are uploading.

It was hard in beginning,  if I get them open its natural to switch from one to another reading unwanted things and chatting  about nonsense topics. some friends worried where I disappeared, If I am okey or not but no body tried contacting over phone or in person.  Less views to chats and group broadcast messages and peace from unwanted stuff, and a general common sense of people bombarding broadcast messages that  their stuff is not bothering me any more. It feels a kind of ignorance to them, but now I am used to it so is my friends. If I want to talk to them I just call them and talk for few minutes. Yes its better then Instant messaging.

The Benifits So Far

  1.  Back to know that I have some Hobbies : My books from shelf  are now in my hands, I have got my new music collection, Newspaper now feels happy for Its being read fully 🙂
  2. I have time for Yoga and Pranayam :  Now my mornings are filled with watching Sunrise and observing Birds, while sipping on my green tea and A yoga session also.
  3.  Time for Blogging : I am back to writing again.
  4. Time for Studies :   Resumed the courses on my Edx account which are pending since a long time
  5. Time with Family : Talk in real with them with full focus. Its growing up our bond 🙂
  6.  Learning : In these 15 days I have reduced my time killing social media activities, and actually learned more about world.
  7. Practicing:  Photography has been my hobby and in this phase learning new new ideas and methods for it. Will soon share some of my recent shots.

This is the first phase of the Sabbatical. And I haven’t left the SM platform fully. Only reduced some time. Now next phase would be dedicated to more less activities.


Towards Happy & Haealty Me


 Your suggestions for getting rid and regulating these time killler activities are welcomed in comments section.


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Daily Thoughts

Today is Your Life in Miniature

As you live this present time, today : this is your life in miniature. As you eat, as you read, as you learn , as you give it all defines your life in a miniature form, if you want to make your life awesome try to make this miniature form beautiful. Give meaning to your everyday and every single moment spent.

This life is nothing but the time at this present moment which is given to you, live as you ever dream of to live, learn minimalism, love the mother nature, give yourself for betterment of this universe. When you learn to give you become more open to receive too.  Towards happy times 🙂 🙂 Cheers !!

Motavtion from : Robin Sharma ❤️