I have grown up in a typical Hindu Brahmin family where the rituals are being followed since ever and they just become part of your life unknowingly. Without questioning ever to anything.
Although since childhood I keep asking and looking for why and why not for many things if not all, and Grandparents are the best place to quench this thirst for answers in our days. However as of now our kids live far from the source of answers to many questions regarding our Hindu daily rituals, this book fits right at that place to answer so many questions.
The book consist of 60 chapters each describing different question answers and a small backstory.
Thanks Indica for having me read this book. I will suggest you to have a permanent place for this on your coffee table at home. This is informative for kids having question banks in their mind and their parents absolutely.

Book cover

AMAZON : Hindu Rites and Rituals: Where They Come from and What They Mean https://amzn.eu/d/d6HSwCL