Holi one of the most famous and important festivals of India. Yes I am saying India! Holi is not religion specific its the festival everybody celebrates in India. Well this year I have celebrated my Holi far away from Family, at workplace, But as I said it is  the festival of everybody, uniting India from East to West and North to South.


Behind every festival, there is a very Important message, teaching and scientific reason to celebrate . As ancient Indian people are having the Googol of Knowledge inside their Heads but at those times Language was not yet very powerful  medium to share information, So they thread them in everyday life ritual,  and Festivals are also a major part of those googols of knowledge. And see how intelligent they were we are still carrying those as legacies from our ancestors.


As time changes the form of celebrating festivals kept changing and modified, but the root to celebrate them was always there as it was threaded deeply in the finest way in the rituals. So what about Holi ?  What could be the reason of celebrating this kind of festival in which no special Pooja or karmkands are being offered to God. Why this is a festival dedicated to only  Humans ??

For finding the answer to this why, from my introspection is came to me that, those highly intelluctal people (Sages) from the ancient world wants to  convey the thoughts and core of HOLI to us. It comes up and sumps up in following 4 points :

  1.  Colors :  Life should be colorful, Lets decorate it.  And in deeper sense  decorate your inner world with the colors of universe, they symbolizes: Love, Happiness, Joy, & Purity.  Those colors of Holi every year reminds us this thought to re-fresh it in our intellect if in any case we have forgotten that.
  2.   Songs : In  Holi  its also one ritual to sing songs, Songs called as “FAAG”. These songs and their language changes with place to place but their messgae is same  and that is Love & Joy.   FAAG songs are filled with energy and joy. People sing them, and get lost in singing like meditation.
  3. People :  Although there is no festival in India that can be celebrated alone but somehow you can manage to celebrate all of others with yourself and your family. But Holi is the festival which forcefully reminds us of our friends and loveables. Its the festival to not only to be celebrated with family but with friends and neighbors too. This reminds us the value of friends in our life and it also encourage to greet holi even to your enemies too, at Holi day everyone is happy, evryone is in joy and everyone is friend.
  4. Fun : We apply colors to each other and play holi,  sometimes colorful water also is used to play holi. Wholesole it allows us to open our hearts and enjoy the little joys funfilled.

Happy Holi ! Happy Colours ! Happy Lives !