When I was a kid and live with my parents, the life was very disciplined, waking up at dawn, habit of  studying in the morning,  daily rituals and healthy food. I don’t like this kind of life then, I wish to sleep till  day, eating the food of my taste, do the things in my way with no concern of a discipline being followed. Today I live on my own  but  I want to bring those  childhood habits of a healthy lifestyle  back again to my lifestyle, I want Mother and Father to be here  sometimes to force me to follow the rituals rigorously.

How independent it sounds but living without discipline in life is like living in a cage of your own. If you want to live a happy, healthy and fulfilling life start  with  following some Discipline in your daily life.  Few points everyone can consider :

  1.  Wake up at same time everyday (Most preferably in dawn if its possible)
  2. Regularize your morning rituals with the tasks which yo love doing (like I  start my day with  a happy talk with the plants/flowers in my garden), it can be reading, writing, music, Yoga anything.
  3. Make a healthy menu for your breakfast and have a  20 minutes time to have your breakfast .  Eat healthy & Stay Happy
  4. Have a hobby thing to keep you fit, like cycling, walking, running, Yoga &  ofcourse gym.

As you living today defines your life so make your  Single Day Best to have the Best in life. Stay Happy, follow discipline and  form healthy habits.