After some unexpected and unfruitful situations happened in my life. The heart of mine was full of grief, sorrow, pain, tears and, all negative thoughts for present and future. But at the same time I have to go through and beyond, I have to survive and finally have to overcome this dark period of time. That was the time when I keep crying and weeping all the day, at work I try to find escape from everybody, rest rooms, relaxing rooms had become my space. I was doing worst at work, not being able to focus on anything, this keeps happening till 5 or 6 months. I  cannot see anything beyond and at the edge of  not continuing this life.

We are enjoying each other’s company. Kids are rhyming poems and we have done a ringa-ringa roses dance too.

But as it is always stated that God help those who help themselves. So on a fine weekend I got an invitation to join a volunteer based Group in Jodhpur who called themselves “Robinhood Army”  serving towards elimination of Hunger and expanding their roots in the city for the first time. I joined them that was a 2 hour eve and as I could remember I was able to have a sign smile on my face after this activity, almost after half an year. These are few of the pictures of a typical Robinhood Day for me.


So why i was able to smile that day ? introspection of that thought leaves me to an answers :

  1.  I am happy to have so many “friends” all  of sudden in a solitary place.
  2. When I get to know that people are living with so much pain, and they and many of them worldwide are just praying to have a life like  I have already given.
  3. I have many things to cry but more than that I have reasons to smiles too I have realised the blessing given to me.
  4. Sharing food + sharing smiles with them was my smile recharge for whole week.
Session after food Distribution at a cluster

If I say because of this group of volunteers, I came to know another face of  humanity, and People of India. It is a Zero funded organisation, means everything they do doesn’t contain any involvement of Money. They do everything as a volunteer for the things that matters  far more than Money.

A Day with elderly People at Old Age Home.

It make me learn that Sharing smiles with others always pays you back 10X in return this is the best investment for present, past and future. There is  different kind of satisfaction and pleasure in sharing and doing something towards betterment of humanity. I wish for the days when  we all understand the simplest law of nature :


This is the  robinhood story of my life, which  makes me understand and reminding the lines by the Great Hindi Poet ” Kabir Das ”

“Reading books everyone died, no one became any wise One who reads the words of love, only became wise.”